Region-Route-country: Central West-Arughat-Nepal
Days of Completion: 20 days
Max. Altitude of Trial: 5,100 meters
Accommodation Type: Tea House
Package Type: DriveIn – DriveOut

The Tsum Valley is a sacred Himalayan valley situated in the northern Gorkha of Nepal. It has a long history of Buddhism. The great Buddhist saint Milarepa is believed to havemeditated in the caves of these mountains. One can enjoy witnessing the unique wildlife of this place, with animals such as the Himalayan Thar and blue sheep – although hunting and fishing is not permitted. The local people are mostly of Tibetan origin, and have a very rich tradition and culture of their own.  Ancient monasteries and monuments of several hundred years still exist in the Tsum Valley.

Itinerary of Tsum Valley:

Day 1    Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 2    Kathmandu – Arughat
Day 3    Arughat – Liding
Day 4    Liding - Machha Khola
Day 5    Machha Khola  - Jagat
Day 6    Jagat -  Lokpa
Day 7    Lokpa – Chumling
Day 8    Chumling  - Chhokangparo
Day 9    Chhokangparo - Chhule-Nile
Day 10    Chhule-Nile - Mu Gumpa
Day 11    Mu Gumpa to Rachen Gumpa
Day 12    Rachen Gumpa to Dhumje
Day 13    Dhumje to Gumba Lungdan
Day 14    Gumba Lungdang to Ripchet
Day 15    Ripchet to Philim
Day 16    Philim to Khorla Bensi
Day 17    Khorla Bensi to Laapu Bensi
Day 18    Laapu Bensi to  Arughat
Day 19    Arughat to Kathmandu
Day 20    Departure
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